Developing your employability skills: An online course to achieving Graduate job success

Why choose our course? is registered with AQA for the delivery of the Unit Award Scheme. Using our insider knowledge of the graduate recruitment and selection process, we can equip you with the skills and confidence you need, to get the graduate job you want. 

Once you understand what recruiters are looking for and the selection methods they’ll use to find it, you’ll have the edge you need over the other applicants. 

We can help you at every stage of the graduate recruitment and selection process: From identifying your dream role, right through to negotiating and securing your salary and benefits. 

We will help you:

  • Standout from the crowd, learn how to market yourself and excel through the selection process.

  • Opportunity to prepare, practice and master key skills before facing an employer

  • Develop your self-awareness and confidence

  • Access to market-leading tools to enhance personal growth and development

Developing your employability skills: An online course to achieving Graduate job success
The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do
— Anon

The Course
Get A Graduate Job

Module 1: 

Starting your job search and identifying your dream job role

  • Getting clear on your career plan

  • What would you like from your dream employer?

  • What research should you carry out when looking for your ideal job and dream employer?

  • Career Fairs and how to conduct yourself

  • Best Practice approach for contacting employers

  • Get the inside story

  • Which job sites to target and how to use them effectively

  • How to use Recruitment Agencies as part of your job search

  • The Dos, Don’ts and how to’s of contacting employers using LinkedIn

  • Casting your net wide versus narrowing your search

Module 2: 

Creating your Killer CV & Cover Letter

  • Are you including all the right things?

  • How to write that all-important cover Letter

  • Finding the right words

  • Our tried and tested CV & Cover Letter Templates

  • What information not to include

Module 3:

Setting up a LinkedIn Profile to connect with the right people

  • Why is it important for you to have a LinkedIn profile

  • Your Step by Step guide to setting up your profile

  • The power of an effective profile – Take a tour!

  • What makes an ALL STAR Profile

  • The Dos, don’ts and how to’s of connecting with employers using LinkedIn

  • Social Media – How to be confident you're representing yourself well online

Module 4:

Acing Application Forms & Conquering Online Tests

  • Completing the application forms: Getting the basics right!

  • How to tackle tricky application questions?

  • Top Tips for answering questions using STAR

  • Types of tests you can expect to face online

  • Links to our favourite online practice tests

  • Why you might need to redo your online test in person

Module 5:

Tackling Telephone & Video Interviews

  • Why are recruiters using these methods

  • What to expect in a Telephone or Video Interview

  • Common mistakes to avoid

  • Opportunities to stand out and impress

  • How to answer the most challenging questions

  • Avoid awkwardness with these simple etiquette rules

  • Top Tips to remember

Module 6:

The all-important In-person Assessment Centre & Interviews

  • What to expect if you’re invited to an Assessment Centre

  • The types of exercises you may face and how to be ready for them

  • Deep dive into the important face to face interview

  • How to prepare yourself

  • Hints & Tips to help you be remembered and stand out from the crowd

Module 7:

Negotiating your offer

  • How to respond professionally to an offer?

  • How to successfully negotiate your pay and benefits

  • What you should do between receiving an offer and your first day

  • Quick Reminder Checklist

Module 8:

The Transition into the world of work

  • Making the great first impression

  • How to behave in the workplace

  • Understand how your performance will be measured

  • Helpful tools to develop your career

All modules use a combination of instructional videos, workbooks and templates.

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