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Ashley Hever, Talent Acquisition Director

Ashley Hever, Enterprise Rent A Car

There are so many companies, with so many job opportunities, summer internships, placements or graduate roles, with careers services or graduate recruiters giving you their expert advice and opinions on how to ‘smash’ or ‘ace’ the recruitment process… here’s some more advice for you! The question is why read another blog on the same old employability advice from someone who left university with a 2.2 and rented cars for a living, well that’s your decision!

With over ten years working in the world of graduates overseeing the graduate programme at Enterprise and the business seeing tens of thousands of graduate applications and interviews, the team at Enterprise know one or two things about how to be successful in the recruitment process (not just ours).

The one thing I always advise anyone on, no matter what role they are applying for or at what level of experience is that you are entering into a sales process, you are literally selling you and your skill set and the experience you have had on either an application form, CV or face to face in an interview process. The people who are reading your application or conducting the interview no very little about you and so it is your responsibility to convince them in a very short space of time that you are the right person – remember the average time a recruiter spends looking at a CV is 6 seconds! So make sure you have a plan before embarking on the application or the assessment centre, have a ‘brag’ book and keep a record of everything you have done – if the interview is a competency-based interview, you will already know what competencies they are going to ask questions on as it will be in the job description or on their website so practice with family or friends, get them to role-play the interview with you.

One of the main reasons why people don’t perform in an interview or at the assessment centre is often because of nerves. This is very often the feedback we will get back from candidates when we ask how they think they did when giving them feedback. Nerves are not a bad thing, and most people will be nervous when going into the unknown or meeting new people for the first time. I would say that those candidates who don’t come across as nervous are those that have arrived early, haven’t started their application form 2 hours before the deadline, have done their research on the company, read the website, have connected with current employees on LinkedIn or following their social media channels and are going into the recruitment process extremely well prepared. Employers are looking for great people to join their business and have spent a lot of time and money bringing you through to the final stage of the process and they are putting their name to you as a candidate. They are wanting you to be successful and get the job, and by spending time researching the company and feeling good about your knowledge levels then you will help to calm the nerves. 

How many times have you got to the end of a diy project or cooking something and found two screws left over or the left wheel doesn’t fit properly or that you have a bag full of sugar still unopened on the side and thought there is a reason I got this out the cupboard. Think about this when you are given instructions prior to an interview or online application or when you are at the assessment centre and you are given a piece of work to complete. Read the instructions carefully and plan out what you are going to do and how you will get to your desired result. We see it all too often that someone presents back their findings or is pitching In the group exercise and they have completely forgotten or missed one of the key points in the materials. This is something that can really impact the possibility of getting your graduate job and is very easy to fix by making a note on the paper before you start anything – read all the instructions!

At many assessment centres, you will have the person that talks and talks and is answering every question, or the one who wants to lead the group discussion and over lunch is spending the whole time chatting to the person who they think is the main decision-maker in the room. Don’t let this put you off, its as much about the team in these environments and how you interact with everybody and help those that might not be contributing much than just the me, me, me person.

Use your careers service; they should have a connection or relationship with many graduate recruiters who come on campus if you want to apply for X company then ask your university if they have any contacts, alumni or connections who work there. This is another great way of showing initiative and a desire to work for said company.

So you’ve got to the end of my blog and you’re either thinking that was a waste of time or hopefully you have taken away one or two ideas that will help you to getagraduatejob, if you have liked what you have read and would like to know more then let me know as I have lots more hints and tips. If you are interested in knowing more about a career at Enterprise visit our website or contact your local recruiting team.

Best of luck with the recruitment process.