What if I take this course and I still don’t get a job? 

How long it takes to secure your dream job may depend on the time of year, and the competitiveness of your chosen industry. You can be confident that after completing this course you are equipped with the skills, tools and knowledge to give you the edge over fellow applicants, and the best chance of securing a great graduate job. Be sure to gather feedback after any unsuccessful applications, and look for patterns, recurring themes, and weaknesses you can take action to address. 

I’ve been to my Uni Careers Service and/or done a lot of research online. What else can this offer program offer?  

The Get A Grad Job program gives you impartial guidance from an insider perspective. We’ve worked with dozens of the UK’s top brands, over more than 9 years. We know how the graduate recruitment process works, what recruiters are looking for, and how candidates can successfully secure their dream job. We look beyond interviews and assessments, helping you to choose which jobs to apply for, how to present yourself professionally online and in-person, and how to successfully negotiate your pay and conditions once you’ve been made an offer. We believe this is the most comprehensive graduate career finding program available in the UK. 

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