Post-graduation can be a worrying time for fresh graduates and parents alike. It’s time to enter the working world, but where to start? Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of six great ways your son or daughter can land their dream job after graduating. 

1. Encourage them to be enthusiastic and passionate   

The right mind-set is key to securing a graduate job, having the correct mix of enthusiasm and passion will do wonders for a successful application, especially in the interview process. Employers love graduates with a desire to succeed and with enthusiasm to go the extra mile.

2. Help them connect with industry professionals

Building professional relationships with employees in their dream industry could be a viable route or ‘foot in the door’ with their dream desired company. Utilising platforms such as Twitter and the ever-popular LinkedIn to make online connections will have lasting career benefits. Traditional networking events and career fairs are a fantastic way to speak to industry professionals to gain inside knowledge and find out some useful advice to secure a graduate position too. 

3. Master skills in the industry

The internet can be a graduate’s best friend, from job searching to brushing up on relevant skills. Encourage your son or daughter to research additional learning opportunities post-graduation and place emphasis on filling in their skills gaps. 

4. Look to carry out work experience

Gaining a degree is paramount to graduate success, however, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Relevant work experience is valuable in the job hunt and using existing connections is a great way to secure relevant work experience. Insight days and weeklong placements can be the difference between a successful graduate and someone who just missed out due to ‘lack of experience’. Graduates need to find the right opportunities and optimistically email a variety of businesses who would be willing to help them fulfil their potential.

5. Get creative

Think outside the box, their dream job may not be currently advertised, but that shouldn’t stop them from applying. If they can get creative with their application and find a unique way to pitch their skills to prospective employers it might just be the best way to land that dream job! 

6. Show them how to share their skills

Your son or daughter will have gained a lot of experience at university which is transferable into the world of work. Whether that is organising events, chairing student committees, public speaking experience or extracurricular awards; sharing these skills on LinkedIn and at networking events is a great way to show that they are rounded candidates with skills to offer outside of their academic achievements. 

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