Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect, especially if it is your first graduate role. The overwhelming sense of worry is bound to throw up a number of thoughts and feelings during your first week. So, to help you out we’ve created a handy list of the most common new job thoughts, and why you shouldn’t worry about them!

1. I have nothing to wear!

Before work you take a quick glance around your wardrobe and think to yourself I have nothing to wear… well, the chances are you do, but you’re overthinking it! Make sure you understand the dress code before starting, and you really have nothing to worry about. 

2. I miss uni… 

With the unfamiliar surroundings and the new processes, you’ll have to get used to, the chances are you might start to think you miss your uni days. But fear not, this is one of the most common thoughts during your first week – once you get into a routine, uni will feel like a distant memory and you’ll start to enjoy your new challenge.  

3. I’ve messed up

Mistakes can happen, its human error, but your odds are slightly worse during your first week. You might slip up but most things are rectifiable so hold your hands up and learn from your error try not to do it again. They might not admit it but even the most senior employees still make mistakes! 

4. I don’t really understand this

The chances are you probably won’t understand too much in your first week and might feel a bit overwhelmed with a variety of information, but that’s ok. What you can do is ask plenty of questions and make loads of notes, as its crucial part of the learning process. If you’re still not sure on something, ask again! 

5. Everyone is really nice

You’re the new person in the office and people are offering you hot drinks, checking if you are okay. You might just think everyone is really nice – this honeymoon period might not last forever, but the chances are if you get these vibes from the start you’ve got a great bunch of co-workers. 

6. That person is scary

On the flip side, you might find one of your new co-workers a little a scary to begin with. Try to take this all with a pinch of salt, maybe they are having a busy week or are just a little shy. You never know they might become your new work bestie in no time! 

7. Why am I this tired? 

Well, let’s be honest work can be exhausting, and not many times will be comparable to your first week. You might not be working on specific projects from the get-go, but you’ll be mentally drained from all the information thrown your way. It’s completely normal to be exhausted on your first week, try to get an early night and be well rested for the weeks ahead, once your body gets used to the routine, you won’t be able to stop. 

8. Am I cut out for this? 

Most people will experience thoughts which revolve around whether they’re cut out for the role. Getting used to a new position and the mass amount of information you’ll receive will likely have you feeling like this. Just remember you secured the job role because of your talent and passion for the role, just think how highly your managers must think of you! 

9. Do my co-workers like me?

So, its lunchtime and a few smaller groups have made their way to lunch, don’t take it personally if you don’t get invited to be part of the lunch bunch in your first week – sometimes it takes a little perseverance, and a simple introduction as your co-workers might not even realise you’ve missed out! 

10. I think I’m getting used to this! 

While it’s likely that you’ll have all these worries during your first week, by the end of it you’ll start to sigh a breath of relief and realise that you’ve got this! 


Try not to worry about your first week in the office. These thoughts are completely natural and believe us it gets much more comfortable as the weeks whizz past! 


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