New university year, first day in the office at your new graduate job or just a treat, because let's face it, you work pretty damn hard – we love these fourteen must-have stationery staples! So without further ado, here’s our jammed packed splurge-worthy list you’ve got to take on your next visit to the shops…

1. Writing Pen

Handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation? Make sure to splash out on your perfect writing pen as you’ll be using them around the clock! Take a look at a variety of writing pens from Paperchase, and our favourite has to be the Hugo Boss Ballpoint pen Storyline in Black.

2. Project Book

With various projects on the go, its helpful to keep all meeting information, telephone messages and notes in one handy place. Treat yourself to a project book with a motivational quote on the front cover to keep your creative juices flowing!

3. USB Memory Stick

There are some pretty amazing USB flash drives out there to make your colleagues and friends jealous and your important documents secure. Discover some of the best sellers on Amazon; we especially love this novelty guitar style USB or choose from Thor’s Hammer Hulk’s Fist, Captain America’s Shield, and Iron Man Tony Stark’s Mask…

4. To-do list Diary

You don’t want to miss any crucial deadlines, whether that’s in university or the workplace – grab yourself a simple, yet effective to-do list diary so you don’t miss a trick. From chunky planners to weekly diaries, these stylish and useful diaries are great for getting your work life in order. You could also try an app like Any.do or Things to boost your productivity. 

5. Desk Drawer Organiser

Aesthetically you could seriously turn your desk into an Instagram worthy #DeskGoals space! Check out these desk drawer organisers from Staples.

6. Pencil Case

Keep all your stationery essentials in one place with your trusty pencil case, Eastpak stock some super cool ones in a variety of colours to keep your desk looking stylish. 

7. Highlighters

We can’t think of too many things more satisfying in the office then highlighting off points on your to-do list! The classic brand Stabilo Boss is a firm favourite here at GetAGraduateJob, and you can get them at WHSmith.

8. Calculator

You’d be surprised the number of graduate jobs that you’ll need the use of a calculator at your work desk, especially if it’s a no mobile phone policy in the office. Don’t be shy to spend on this stationary must-have; we love the Casio FX-83GT Plus Scientific Calculator

9. Post-it notes

Quick, easy and effective, especially the brightly coloured ones. Post-it notes are dotted around offices up and down the country, great for jotting down pressing tasks that mustn’t be missed and will come in handy if your company has an agile working policy. Check all these funky post-it notes at Paperchase.

10. Drop Handle Ring Binder

Ideal for business travel, the Collins Drop Handle Ringbinder is a must-have when starting a wide range of graduate jobs. You can safely store documents while utilising the ring binder’s aesthetic appeal to make your way to across town looking great. 

Well there you have it, ten of our must-have stationary staples, you’d be lost without many of these, so be sure to splash out before starting your graduate job.

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