How to find your dream graduate employer

Graduate employers will often encourage their employees to complete engagement surveys as this is a useful way to identify the most important characteristics in the employment relationship; they want to know how to keep employees motivated, engaged and most of all happy when they are at work. What does this have to do with finding my dream graduate employer I hear you ask … You can use these same characteristics to identify what you are looking for from your dream employer. Look no further, as we have identified the most popular characteristics for you to consider:  

Culture & Work Environment   

Remuneration packages and company benefits may seem appealing to lots of potential graduate candidates, but did you know the organisations culture is often what determines whether or not an employee will fit. 

The working environment also will determine if an employee will be happy or not in the workplace.   

Ask yourself: 

  • Does the culture fit with your own personal values and principles?   

  • Does the organisation provide a healthy, positive and encouraging working environment? 

  • Does the organisation value celebrating success and recognise people’s achievements? 


Another important factor to consider is a work-life balance; you should not be expected to always work exceedingly long hours at the expense of your personal life, it is called a balance for a reason! 

Most graduate employers consider reasonable time off for employees including Holidays, Paternity & Maternity leave to name a few. Many offer flexible working arrangements to help employees get the right work-life balance.      

Consider how you can get the right work-life balance: 

  • What would work for you if you had the choice?  

  • What is the organisations approach to flexible working? 

  • What policies does the organisations already have in place?  


Working for an organisation isn’t just about doing the role and getting paid at the end of the month, it is about feeling part of the organisation, being involved and feeling like you have the opportunity to influence and suggest new ideas. Who doesn’t love that feeling when a plan or idea has come to fruition right?

Make sure you do your research, speak to existing employees and browse through their social media profiles:

  • Does the organisation welcome new ideas? 

  • Do they welcome feedback and accept suggestions on how they can develop? 

  • Do they give employees autonomy to make decisions? 

  • Do they allow employees to take ownership for work or projects?  

Career Development

Your future graduate employer should be taking personal & career development seriously, investing in people development ensures employees continue to have the relevant skills and abilities to deliver the ever-changing job roles; it is also an opportunity to grow internal talent within the organisation.    

Try to find out; 

  • Does the organisation have the right paths to allow me to develop my career?  

  • What are the opportunities to train and gain new experiences? 

  • How have other people in the organisation progressed?   

  • What is the typical career path for the job you are applying for? 

A lot of our time is spent at work, make sure you do your research, be curious and ask questions to help you find your dream graduate employer. If you haven’t already checked out our Employer Insights page head over now to see what the likes of GVA, Next, Kerry Foods, M&S and RWE have to offer.

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