Get A Graduate Job Interview Horror Stories

While the graduate job search can be a scary prospect, try not to worry because it can’t be as bad as some of these job interview horror stories.

We’ve cast our horror stories net and found some tales that might keep you awake at night… 

I’m not a huge fan of reading

Not liking books isn’t the greatest sentence to pull together in an interview, however, typically it wouldn’t be that frowned upon, right? Well, it’s probably the worst thing you could say when interviewing for a book publisher! To make matters worse for this candidate they were actually on course for landing the job, until at the very last moment of the interview they proclaimed their dislike towards reading books… doh! Remember to always keep in mind the position you’re interviewing for and be sure to think before you speak out loud. 


When interviewing, you’d expect the attention of the interviewer throughout. However, in this story the interview took a sinister turn as a fast approaching seagull careered directly into the interview room’s closed window. Sadly, this painted a grizzly picture for everyone in the room, particularly the interviewee, who had to cut their interview short after rightly feeling a little queasy. After the unfortunate event, the interview was re-scheduled and the candidate secured the job.

Lift talk

So, you’ve smashed the interview, it couldn’t have gone any better, and to top it off they’ve offered you the job. Now, what really could go wrong? For this unlucky (or slightly naïve) candidate, when in the lift of the building with the two interviewers, they asked what the candidate had planned for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, this candidate decided to say they were heading back to work… not before unleashing a barrage of abuse towards their current employers. While to their demise stating that they were looking forward to not doing too much at all! This poor show of attitude was enough to put off these particular interviewers, and before the lift had reached the ground floor, the job offer was withdrawn… awkward!

Tuna gate

You’ve prepared for the interview, and you might have even purchased some new clothes fit for the occasion - a story with all the ingredients for success right? Somewhat mortifying to this candidate, one particular ingredient from lunch was stuck in their hair – this being tuna! Which was soon brought to their attention when the interviewer paused the interview to let them know. Although a slightly red-faced candidate, they still landed the job! 

Language fluency 

A vast majority of graduates will at some point in their life have studied a foreign language. Although what proficiency the user has in the said language can typically be elementary. However, one particular candidate horror story shows the repercussions when deciding to over-exaggerate how fluent one is in another language. This specific interviewee decided to state they were fluent in German. To their horror the interviewer was in fact fluent in German proceeding to an extremely awkward engagement in German which couldn’t be reciprocated by the candidate, ultimately, highlighting their false claim. Not surprisingly this candidate was unsuccessful.

We hope these horror stories don’t keep you awake at night, and after reading them you might have picked up some useful tips on conducting yourself during the entire interview process. 

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