Your son or daughter may already be glued to their screens, but did you know that there are ways for them to use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to secure the graduate job of their dreams? 

As the university year gets underway, it’s the perfect time for them to understand the real value of social media beyond selfies and status updates. We’ve listed five simple tips and tricks to take them from social media novice to job seeking digital maestro. 

1. Become social media savvy 

Building a strong online persona is a brilliant way to get noticed by graduate employers. The job market is extremely competitive and if your son or daughter can build their personal brand through social media, it could make all the difference when competing against other candidates. 

Having an active profile on LinkedIn is vital in the current job market, as making themselves visible to employers will help them get noticed amongst the crowd of graduates. LinkedIn provides the perfect platform to showcase their CV and experience, but be sure to check that your son or daughter has all their information up-to-date to give them the best possible chance of being considered for job opportunities.  

2. Ramp up the social media job search

LinkedIn is an excellent place for hopeful graduates to land a job; it’s full of graduate recruiters looking for fresh talent. The platform has a fantastic job search page where your son or daughter can use a variety of search filters to look for their perfect job. Another helpful tip when job searching on LinkedIn is to create email alerts on specific search criteria, so even if the ideal position isn’t currently advertised, they will be informed when one is posted.

Twitter is also a powerful employment tool as it allows you to search for a variety of hashtags relevant to job hunting such as #GraduateJobs and #GradJobs.

3. Look to build lasting professional relationships 

Social media platforms are perfect for forming relationships with industry professionals which could be beneficial throughout your son or daughter’s career. Facebook is a useful tool for discovering graduate scheme pages and groups to explore available opportunities and begin conversations with likeminded individuals to forge professional contacts from the offset, while LinkedIn has a superb range of industry groups, with many including over one million members. This is a great way to keep updated with industry news and start to engage in conversations with industry leaders, ultimately raising your son or daughter’s online profile.

Social media networks from school and university could also turn out to be valuable contacts as they all embark on their professional lives so don’t be too hard on them for endlessly scrolling through their feeds. 

4. Utilise the platforms for in-depth research

If your son or daughter can showcase they’ve done their homework by conducting thorough research around their future employers it will go a long way during the application process. Following a company’s social media pages across many platforms can give them the inside scoop on how the organisations operate and what their company culture looks like. 

Twitter is a fantastic source for news, whether it’s ground-breaking or industry-relevant, it’s the ideal chance for your son or daughter to keep their ears against the ground to ‘wow’ employers with their impressive knowledge of the business landscape. 

5. Keep engaged 

It’s easy to use social media just for personal means, but the opportunities for job seekers are out there too. Following various graduate recruiters is a great way to keep your son or daughter’s fingers on the pulse of exciting opportunities, and a great way to push their online profile in front of their future boss’ eyes. 

While staying active on social media channels is important, it’s also key to ensure the content on your son or daughter’s platforms are recruiter and employer-friendly. Graduate employers often scan platforms during their shortlisting process so encouraging a digital spring clean of any unwanted or unprofessional posts is a must!

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