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The inside track to securing your first graduate-level position

Get the edge you need to secure the graduate job you want. You’ve got the degree (or you soon will have). You’ve got the ambition. Now you need a graduate job. Maybe you’ve tackled assessments and interviews but haven’t been successful yet. Or perhaps you’ve lacked the confidence to fill-out those huge, intimidating application forms (how can there be so many questions??). 

Are you worried that all the good graduate jobs are taken? Do you despair at the thought of earning minimum wage for the rest of your life? Are you just the tiniest bit envious of your graduate friends who already have their post-uni career underway? We can help. 

The inside track to securing your first graduate-level position

The belief that you can have a meaningful career, is the first step to finding one
— Sean Aiken

The graduate journey

There’s a whole lot more to getting a graduate job than an application form and an interview. But this slightly intimidating process shouldn’t hold you back from getting the job you deserve. We equip graduates with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to get the job they want. 

Get A Graduate Job takes you behind the scenes of the graduate recruitment and selection process, showing you what employers are looking for, and the tools and techniques they use to identify the candidates they want. 

Hear more about the Get A Graduate Job journey from our Founder,  Sophie Milliken.

Why choose us?

We have over ten years’ experience working with the UK’s top companies, designing and refreshing their graduate recruitment processes, tools and assessments. And we also work with students, helping them prepare for assessment centres, creating their CVs, and improving their interview technique.  

We provide tools, resources and articles for graduates (and those soon-to-be-graduates) to help you:

  • Identify the wide range of graduate-level opportunities open to you.
  • Select which positions you should be applying for (because applying for everything is not going to work).
  • Know what employers are looking for when they read your application form.
  • Tackle online and in-person assessments.
  • Impress at interviews.
  • Choose between offers.
  • Negotiate your terms.
  • And impress in your graduate job from day one.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen
— Michael Jordan